KeysRecorded Meditative Musical Support for:
  • rapid stress reduction and relaxation of panic and anxiety.
  • restoration of healthy autonomic functions within the body.
  • ailing loved ones or those making their final transition.
  • personal health, wellness, or meditative practice.
  • professional healing, medical, therapeutic, or counseling practice.
  • a calm work environment.
  • study and learning centers.
  • expanding creative efforts in the arts.
  • positive thought voice overs and videos.

  •  Divine Communication
  • 432 and You
  • Keys of Change

  • “Bringing Awareness to the Power of Music” An interactive experience!

Individual & Personal Musical Soundscapes

How Has Music Effected You?

Please share your story and how music changed your life.

Each of us has the ability to raise our vibrational frequency and lower our brain waves through daily meditation. Today’s sciences are proving that music’s effect on the mind, body & emotions is creative and restorative. Incorporating wellness music promotes the higher frequency states of being, while lowering brainwave activity. It is truly our own choice to participate and actively claim our own ability to retuning our frequency ranges. Adding wellness music to your daily life is a step toward raising the vibrational frequency of the individual, and thus all mankind. In today's frantic and busy world, our artists have channeled, composed, and created positive music focused on developing a healthier, happier, and more peaceful internal and external environment.

Music that creates a truly positive effect in us is medicine that each of us can take daily, without any unwanted side effects. Meditative music is a powerful way to promote good health, positive emotions, and healing vibrations for all human beings. The creative expression of intuitive music, recorded LIVE at the moment of inception, adds to the strength of music’s natural healing properties.

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    “Thank you Center for Music Medicine! I am an educator and began using your CDs four years ago before and during the school day. The first thing I noticed was the constant chatter stopped. When I played a piece of music in the background during instruction and again during testing, there was improvement in test scores. The greatest testimony to the effect of music in the classroom came from the students themselves. One day I was ill and a substitute was called. It was a test day and the students became very upset because she would not play the music. When I returned next day the students begged me to give the tests again with the music. I agreed. Every single student scored higher than the day before. My students demonstrated music’s a direct link to memory. Whether my students were elementary, high school or adult, your music has been great for setting a very positive, quiet and focused environment.
    B. Kraemer, High School Teacher

    Welcome to the Center for Music Medicine (CMM)! We offer individual musical support meditations, group meditations, and restorative/healing recordings. It is your source to the magical music of David Tralle, Intuitive Healing Musical Artist. Truly it is a medicine to quiet the soul and to allow the body to open to healing, wellness, and harmony.

    David's amazing music relaxes the mind, collapses time, and calms the body. Because of the remarkable properties of David's music, it can be heard in medical offices/clinics, dialysis clinics, spas, therapy sessions, classrooms, video backgrounds, and galleries.

    Since 1997, he has channeled musical soundscapes, created expressly for the healing and restoration of the listener's body, mind and spirit. His remarkable success at altering negative energy into positive energy has changed many lives.
    In addition to his powerful intuitive, meditative music, David shares his musical talents at special occassions  such as memorials, celebrations, custom accompaniment recordings, and small group performances. CMM provides the equipment and support staff to facilitate clear audio quality for events with up to 350 people. Our compact system allows production of a high quality audio product of your event. Contact us for availability.