The Center for Music Medicine offers the following presentations.

David and his wife, Barbara, share two short talks: “Divine Communication” and “Keys of Change”. David enjoys adding a unique touch of poetry and musical accompaniment to each of his talks.

“Music - Divine Communication
This talk centers around thought, intention and music as tools to communicate with the Divine in our first language.
and 432 and U"
This talk reviews the conversion for the historical healing frequency to a discordant frequency know as standard tuning and how this has disrupted Divine Language.

JUST ADDED - "Mind, Body, Spirit & Music" description coming soon.

“Keys of Change” 

This talk looks at our developing understanding of “As without, So within.” Recent discoveries support the theory that everything within the known universe apparently is identifiable as sound and behaves musically. Continuing research into the understanding of sound’s form and function is leading to the development of alternative energy products and imaging devices. The amalgamation of this information is opening pathways into sound/music’s integration into medical diagnostics and treatments.
Key points include: Unification of , Sound and Music are tools for medical diagnosis and treatment, and Advancements in the scientific understandings of sound itself.

“Bringing Awareness to the Power of Music" Workshop
This interactive multi-media workshop is a synergy of ancient knowledge, modern medical research findings, fun activities, and easy to use suggestions for using music to reduce the devastating effects of emotional and physical stress and dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. As restoration, healing, and harmony occur within the body, we examine ways to use our built-in musical instrument, our voice, to alter our internal and external condition. Activities are designed to improve breathing patterns, increase oxygen flow to the brain and body, stimulate cell growth, and improve emotional temperament.

The major goals of this workshop are to assist attendees to become consciously aware of music’s effect on the human, to recognize the validity of music as a healing restorative tool, to learn simple easy to incorporate techniques for self-healing through daily participation with music, and resources to seek further study. This is a two hour workshop.

Mandala Art Meditation
This is an hour activity workshop focusing on using music to stimulate creativity. Aspects of music intensify the creative process allowing access to another form of inner expression. A short history of mandalas is offered and examples of mandala images created by people from all over the globe in the name of peace are provided. Attendees compose personal mandalas during a 35-45 minute musical meditation. The closing activity is the unifying of the individual mandalas into a Mandala Peace Quilt. A material fee does apply.

Please contact us for available further information and available dates.

Barbara Tralle, Workshop Facilitator
Barbara holds a Master in Education degree, and several California teaching credentials. She has written and implemented educational programs for organizations, like The Salvation Army and FEMA. She advocates the critical importance of the Arts in Education. Her own personal testimony, as to the power of music’s ability to heal, is both compelling, profound and enables her to deliver her message from first hand experience to any age.

David Tralle, Musical Artist/Presenter
David Tralle is an Intuitive Healing Music Artist. His soothing keyboard soundscapes treat the listener to the rich acoustical sounds of piano, strings, wind and gentle percussion instruments offering rest and relaxation. David’s love of humanity and internal drive to effect positive change, is felt throughout his music. His romance with current developments in sound/music makes him a dynamic and exciting speaker.