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Music is a co-creative process between the creator and the listener.
It is the language of Creation and should be available to everyone.

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Ultimately, the value of the music is unique to each listener.
If this music brings you benefit, please support the artists through purchases or donations.
If you have little -take what you want. Visit often and pay, if and when, you can.
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One Intent

Created souly with one intent~your restoration. May these soundscapes bring you a respite in time,a breath of fresh air, and a gentle ride through your mind. Over 30 minutes of truly healing music recorded LIVE.

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  1. 1 One Intent 28:47 Free

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“Many thanks for all the gifts of beauty.”
Liz Morse, San Jose, California

“Beautiful! Very calming and spiritual…. your voice is lovely and peaceful.”

“I love it! It (the music) helps to calm all the energy of the phones - patients - etc. It is joyful, and calming.”
Cheryll, Mt. Shasta, CA

“I like this (music). It has a lightness to it which is refreshing. There is a sweetness in the energy...(It) feels light and joyful.”
Karen, Bookstore Owner, Santa Cruiz, CA

"I am so enjoying your music David. Thank you two ever so much for sharing it with me. Reminds me of the McDonalds phrase 'I'm loving it!'.
Wonderful gift for hours or blissful quiet music. I am so enjoying it! You channel and create some great material!"
Namaste, Joseph, Sacramento, CA

"Beautiful! It took me away to beautiful places. It was so relaxing and calming. What a wonderful treat in a busy world."
Annette Gore, Cruise in 2012

“I find the music “happy” and relaxing at the same time - it has a flow to it that makes it very easy to listen to.”
Jan Cowan,Sacramento, CA

"Your music is magical and your spirit ablessing."
Jody, Davis CA
Intuitive Keyboard Soundscapes by David Tralle, embedded with peaceful, healing intent, assist in opening pathways to healing & stimulating the very cells of our being. This music gently wisks you away and relaxes your body, mind & spirit. The more often you listen to the music the more quickly your mind and body will take you into your special place of healing and wholeness.

The Center for Music Medicine provides high quality recordings of live musical meditation concerts.
Recordings are available on the Downloadable page or ordered as hardcopy CDs and sets.