“Most people dance to music. David Tralle makes music itself dance. Using the full range of voices in his keyboard and working from a rich bed of musical styles, David captures the symphonies that are within time and outside of time together. Like paintings of sound, each piece shows the mind new images of mystery, delight, and playful laughter. With his skill, he transcends most New Age music, and gives it somewhere wonderful to go.” -
Francesca Thoman, Artist/Sculptor/Writer, San Jose, California
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Intuitive Music Performances of David Tralle LIVE
Enjoy the sounds of healing intent as David invites you to slip into the mystery of music.
Experience the imagination and creativity of melodies and harmonies blended to relax and soothe your mind, body, and spirit.
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Throughout David’s life, music has played a vital part. As a keyboardist, he has played in groups and bands, organized religious organizations, public live venues and educational performances. He appeals to audiences from all walks of life. He has spent ten years performing professionally throughout Northern California and Hawaii, playing popular Top 40 music and has remained deeply involved in music programs in spiritual settings.

In the 1980’s, David was featured on several record albums. In the 1990’s, he began his journey into healing music. David’s skill and diverse background, combined with his internal connection to the creative source, allows him to create and play unique improvisational compositions. His music has accelerated profound healing in his life and the lives of others who have heard him play.

After locating in Sacramento, David has performed regularly at the Unity Center of Davis, Center for Spiritual Awareness and is a guest artist for the Spiritual Life Center and the Christ Unity Church.

David began producing David Tralle LIVE contemplative guided healing music in 2005. He published his first set of six spoken meditations with full orchestral accompaniment, titled the "Nebula Series", in 2007. Today he shares these unique original keyboard soundscapes through the Center for Music Medicine.

In 2010 he completed and published a twenty four CD series of his LIVE meditation concerts recordings, titled "Soothe the Whole YOU!” Recorded at the moment of inception during the live performance, each CD offers over an hour of music, powerfully infused by the combined energies of David and the community present. Committed to offering his music as a harmonizing tool for well-being, he has performed more than 300 free meditation programs throughout the Sacramento Valley area between 2005 and 2012.

Always in service, David dedicates musical support for centers of faith, spiritual development, and conscious awareness. He provides instrumental support to a wide variety of vocalists and performers throughout the area. Through the Center for Music Medicine, he loves to create performance tracks and recordings for vocalists, musicians, and therapists alike.

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Keyboards for Special Events
As a trained musician, David Tralle brings qualified musical skills to your special event.
His gentle, familiar style is great for setting the right ambiance for restaurants, gallery openings, home concerts, and relaxed social events.
David's intuitive gifts and talented fingers add that perfect touch to life's memorable ceremonies, such as weddings and farewells.
"Every Sunday I marvel at your musical genius and the expressing spirit. From the first day I came you were a stand out for me. With love and gratitude."

"Thank you for your and your sound of truly healing music."

"Your healing music and your tireless contribution means so much. Thank you."

Practitioner Support:

Oh, how we LOVE your music, especially the CD you made for us Dave. We play it every time we are under the Mellen's Dream Spa for photons to heal our bodies. What a combination!!! Also I do therapeutic massage - Now the music I plan are meditations!! Marilyn Angell - December 2012 cruise!

Both of you are truly gifted. Perpetual gratitude to you.“
David Tralle’s CDs are sooo wonderful. As a practice, I play this music in my waiting room. Several of my patients come to the office just to sit and listen. When I use them as background during sessions, there’s a palpable drop in my clients’ anxiety level. Using his CDs during relaxation exercises allows my patients to experience deeper relaxation, calmness, and creativity quickly. This music is a joy! Thank you David, and the Center for Music Medicine.” "This is what my clients are saying..."Dear Jean,...I couldn't wait till next week to thank you for the relaxation CD you gave me. It is a magical gift that you have made. I listen to it from beginning to end twice a day, first when I come home from work and then when I go to bed. It gives me a fabulous feeling of being lifted onto cumulous clouds and then joyfully sliding down the sides. When the CD is over, I'm either asleep or relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you. Joyfully yours, Charlotte" Dr. Jean Jost, Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA

“I discovered David Tralle’s music when searching for healing recordings to use as background music while conducting hypnosis sessions with my clients. His music is powerful and allows my clients to relax and open to their natural healing potential. I personally listen to his music in preparation for both my hypnosis and coaching sessions. The calmness and serenity produced by David’s work has allowed me to be even more effective with my clients.”Gary Yeatts, MSW, CHt,Granite Bay, CA

"I love David's music. It brings peace and serenity to my life. I use it in my massage therapy work and my clients enjoy it also." Liz Albert, Massage Therapist, Davis, CA


"I've been listening to your CDs and truly the music is healing. You and your wonderful music were such blessings and added so much to the transformational experience that took place. It was such a magical evening." Deborah Taylor, Davis California

“A testimonial to the effectiveness was witnessed first-hand today. I’ve been laid flat out with a head cold and sinus headache to match a migraine. So, after dragging myself from bed I decided to tune into Tralle’s meditation and healing “sounds” gifted to us Sunday. Within 30 seconds of listening, the pain in my head subsided and disappeared as long as I listened. Thank you for the relief.” David, UCoD Volunteer, Davis, CA

"What a treat for me to find your CD. I had a really stressful day Friday afternoon, so I put on your CD on my drive home and was blessed by the home peacefulness of your piano playing and voice -- you are gifted." Diane Halpenny, Carmichael, California

"David’s music is exquisite and I am listening to it every day. I can do almost anything with the music playing and not be distracted. It is peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring. What I beautiful gift! I especially love “Journey In”! "Barbara Edwards, Artist, Weaverville, CA

“Your music is the only music I have found that calms 33 sixth graders down to silence in under two minutes. I love your music and will use it in class as long as I am teaching.” Babs, Elementary Teacher, Sacramento, CA

“Your music beautifully feeds my soul...throughout the week, as I listen to your magical creations, via your various CD’s.” Tina, Administrative Assistant, West Sacramento, CA

“I have always found that David Tralle’s music has brought me a sense of contentment and peace when I hear it. It has been a source of joy in my life for some time now. When my son was born I played it for him and he too seemed to experience happiness from listening to David. He would always start smiling when I put one of the CD’s on.” - Diana Pressnell - Dayton, Ohio

"David's music is a gateway to that peaceful place that leaves me feeling alive and grateful. It is impossible to not be moved by David's beautiful talent!" Fran Gibson, Davis California

In support of community:
What a beautiful space and energy you all created...David, what can I say, that hasn’t been said so many times before, yet it is true you are a master of intuitive soundscape. I was so moved and carried into a wonderful inner space by your sensitive and sacred melodies. Thanks for all your effort to make it happen. Denese and I were very blessed to be ministered by the experience of last evening. Rev. Larry Schellink, Unity Center of Davis, Davis, CA

"David's music is always the most wonderful way of being transported into the mood of the songs we sing and the service itself. His music is beautiful!" Anonymous, Unity Center of Davis, Davis CA
Christ Unity Church is so very blessed to have your loving support and inspiration in the recent Katrina Relief Concert and Happening. Stepping up with your magnificent music, all at the last minute, helped make this, the success beyond all expectations. Christ Unity Church of Sacramento, CA

"There is no word to describe the blaze that is experienced in David's live meditation."
Rhonda Key-Youngblood, Sacramento, California