Collaborative Services

Project Guidance through Product
Let our experienced project managers guide you through the process of recording, mastering, and producing your first CD.
Our staff can supply musical support, image design, and production services. Together we create a high quality product without high cost.

Image Design
Give your expression a professional visual image. CD labels, multiple panel jewel case inserts, tray cards, and Earth friendly packaging
are a few of the options available. Though we specialize in on-demand and small quantity production, when you are ready,
our print specialists will negotiate the best quality, most cost effective volume purchase.

We would be honored to promote your final product through our website.
Helping others to express their talents and gifts through music. Here are some examples of completed and in-process collaborative efforts.
David's music fills the background and adds to the artistic creation of the videography company Forever Forward.
Recorded during a very special event, vocalist, Cecile Woods, and musician, David Tralle, team up to create this special gift for the family. What a Wonderful World!
Gateway frnt
Michael Bayard
Master Percussionist & Vibrational Practitioner
Mary Youngblood
Grammy Award Winning Native American Flutist
David Tralle
Healing Music Practitioner Original Keyboard Soundscapes
What Kind of Music is Healing?
Music that energizes our body
Music that stimulates our brain
Music that awakens our feelings
Music that ignites our soul
Music that relaxes our body
Music that calms our mind
Music that unwinds our emotions
Music that restores our soul
Music that motivates our actions
Music that helps us unwind
Music that wakes us up
Music that helps us sleep
Music that expands our thinking
Music that helps us not to think
Amrita Cottrell


Artist Dale Bannister combined his talents with those of David Tralle to compose and create an original gift for a fund raising event for the St. Francis House in Sacramento, Ca. The Center for Music Medicine commends Dale for his use of creativity and talents for the betterment of of others in the community. Ours thanks to Dale for allowing us to participate in this worthy cause and entrusting us with the creation of his master CD and production of this truly remarkable effort.

"If this music soothes your soul and stills your mind may you find within that sacred space a deepening awareness of all that is. On behalf of the Francis House, its staff and generous volunteers, thank you for your support through the purchase of this original Intuitive Healing music. Through your contribution, Francis House of Sacramento may continue its effort to break the cycle of poverty and restore self-sufficiency for those in need." Dale Bannister, Sacramento, CA
Jean jost label
"As a professional psychologist, I use guided imagery with many of my clients. I asked David to create a personal musical meditation for me. After listening to his music several times, it was so easy to sit down and create a very special guided meditation. I simply spoke and he immediately and magically made into a CD. I ordered only a small number of CDs at first and began to give them to my clients. I received many favorable reviews. Many clients told me that listening to the CDs between our session helped make life better. I am now on my fifth order. My clients love it and I love it. " Dr. Jean

Take your clients to a state of calm quickly and effectively.
POWER charge your clients' experience with the musical support of David Tralle.
Let him create a one of a kind composition that will support you as you guide your clients through their process of change.

These beautiful melodies are all traditional Christmas Carols. The updated lyrics were written by Laurie Story Vela; she sings them here with her 7 year old son Jeremiah and other friends young and older. Laurie & Jeremiah and friends have 4 other New Thought Recordings that can be experienced here on site.

David Tralle is the musican who brings these traditional songs CHRISTMAS ALIVE! The gift of David's music can be further felt and experienced online at the Center For Music Medicine.
where you're always old to pray & young enough to play!
This is a space of spirit awareness; a place of expression & inspiration to play & pray celebrating life's goodness with childlike passion, fun, wonder, and reverence. Join us!

The beautiful instrumental music you hear on the calendar & on other pages comes from David Tralle of Center For Music Medicine.

On-site Audio Recordings

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"Thank you for such wonderful help with the CD's. I appreciate your expertise, your time, your willingness to share your set-up and your generous nature."
Marti Meyer, Music Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Davis, CA